Teaching, festival and talk dates


Learn about permaculture, food preservation, low carbon futures, food mapping and the co-benefits of food projects


23rd – 25th February: Introduction to Permaculture CAT, Wales

14th March: Designing a Low Carbon World, with Paul Allen, Maddy Harland and Tammi Dallaston

21st March: On the trail of food culture, Français et Gymraeg, CAT, Wales

27th – 29th March: Zero Carbon Britain and what works for food projects, CNTRL-shift

31st March – 2nd April: Practical Permaculture Weekend, Worthy Farm, Pilton

2nd – 4th May: Zero Carbon Britain course, CAT, Wales

13th May: Share and Repair Festival, Machynlleth, Wales

14th – 17th June: Radical Bakers Gathering, Shropshire

19th – 22nd July: Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

2nd – 5th August: Green Gathering, Chepstow

16th – 19th August: Green Man, Brecon Beacons, Wales

24th – 27th August: Shambala Festival, Northants

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